Salestrar - The 0% commission Domain Marketplace

Salestrar is a new generation domain marketplace defined by a single basic requirement - the domain seller has to transfer the domain into the marketplace's dedicated registrar in order to maximize domain sales.

While this may seem weird at first, it's actually the best way, when you think about it. The Seller has to keep the domain somewhere - then why not at a specialized registrar for... Sales?

  • In this way there is no Escrow process. The Buyer receives the domain instantly, which is not typical of existing domain marketplaces (which have an average delivery time of days to weeks) and is a huge advantage for the buyer.

  • Actually the buyer can provide their name service when buying, not very different from hand registering a free domain - an easy and familiar experience compared to current marketplaces.

Renewals will be at near cost price and the marketplace takes 0% commission and does not hide buyer details from the seller. We'll be on the same team, always.

  • The Seller will have a highly customisable landing page, every domain that uses it will get stats, SSL installed, Whois will be made public to increase leads.

  • No one has to use the landing page if they don't want to - The domain can automatically point to Sedo, Afternic, Dan or any IP with a click of a button.

  • We do not stop the Seller from listing in all other marketplaces. In fact we encourage it and provide handy TXT records for easy verification everywhere.

Salestrar seems a good name for domainers but strange for end users? Of course, the actual marketplace for the buyers will be at the lovely

We already have an ICANN accreditation and are the highest level of Nominet member (ACP) and have 60+ more ccTLD accreditations, which you can check out at the website of our mother company,

All of this begs the question, how do we earn money? For now we are not focused on this as we earn enough from our 50,000+ domains portfolio. This is a project by domainers for domainers, one that will help improve the experience for both domain buyers and sellers. As a major seller, we will benefit by being the first client of Salestrar. And I'm very excited about it.

Kalin Karakehayov, founder of Salestrar, Namio and