Report Abuse

Reports of abuse, WHOIS inaccuracies or illegal activities about domains registered through Salestrar EOOD must be sent to:
Phone: +35924371625
Fax: +35924930187
regular mail: Attn.: Mr. Metodi Darzev, ulitsa "Knyaz Boris I" 8, ap. 2, 1463 Sofia, Sofia-Grad, Bulgaria

Abuse complaints are being received on all our communication channels. Salestrar EOOD will acknowledge receipt receiving the abuse complaint immediately as a ticket gets created, and will review and investigate it and provide an initial answer in maximum 6 hours. In case that a sufficient documentation is provided, we will respond to the complainant with the investigation outcome within 24 hours with the actions taken. If not, we will provide an update to all parties every 24 hours until we resolve the situation. Tracking is available to all parties involved, via a link in our emails.